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                                                                            UPDATED Dec 16, 2017


 PBABC Update on the March 2nd, 2017 Court of Appeal Ruling on the BC CPA Act and SCC Application for Leave to Appeal

Organization of Chartered Professional Accountants’ of British Columbia v. Nordine


Vancouver, BC: On May 5, 2017 the Public Business Accountants’ Society of British Columbia (PBABC) successfully received an important clarification of the Appeals Court order allowing members to use the designation “PBA” signifying “Public Business Accountant”.  While CPABC contested the clarification of the order, the Court Registrar sided with PBABC counsel and granted the request to narrow the restriction to the following:

  1. The designation “Professional Business Accountant”, or
  2. The initials “PBA” signifying “Professional Business Accountant”;

On August 28, 2017, PBABC’s application for leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada was dismissed without costs.

PBABC has formally rebranded and has instructed its members in BC and the Yukon to use the accounting designation Public Business Accountant – PBA.

The PBABC protects the public by regulating PBA members through education, exam, entrance, ethics, experience, continuing professional education, errors and omissions insurance, and practice review requirements. In a competitive free market the public should have the right to choose what type of designated accountant they believe is the right fit for their career or business.

“We are pleased that the Registrar clarified the order to allow us to use the “PBA” designation. We will still seek a solution with the Ministry of Advanced Education that further protects the public, and hopefully, at the same time appeases CPABC.” says Solomon Nordine, President of the PBABC.

The PBABC will continue to defend its right to practise public accountancy for businesses across BC and the Yukon.

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