Here are some before and after pictures of the windows at the new accounting office in Surrey. The windows looked pretty rough with the old bars. We’ve added commercial security tinting that will reject 75% of the sunlight heat, add privacy and make the office more secure. This has made a noticeable difference already on the inside temperature and will go a long way to making my accounting and bookkeeping staff comfortable in the summertime.

Update – The security bars were going to be painted white and reinstalled but they have since been stolen. I’m looking at the different options as they were custom made for those windows.

Accounting Office Surrey Before Renos

Accounting Office Location with Window Bars

Below is a picture taken from my car and shows the amount of silver reflection in the window.

Surrey Accounting Office New Windows

Accounting Office Surrey Windows

Here’s another picture taken from the inside of the office. The tinting is not very noticeable from the inside on bright days.

Surrey Accounting Office New Windows

Accounting Office in Surrey with New Windows

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